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ImageLink Film & Media is a Film/Video Production Company offering a fresh approach to the creation of a wide range of Film/Video Content. We bring a passion for film and storytelling to every project we undertake.  Our creative team have years of industry experience, which they bring to every project, no matter how big or small. We use the latest state of the art filming equipment and editing software to produce High Definition films that are of an international standard.  We are committed to excellence and offer all of our clients a professional level of service with a keen eye for detail, while also offering the best possible value for money.

For our corporate clients we specialise in the creation of Marketing and Promotional Videos.  We combine our video production skills with our digital marketing expertise in order to create and distribute professionally produced and engaging marketing video content for our clients. We cater for a wide range of industry sectors including the worlds of business, music, sports and entertainment. We can create unique Corporate Commercials / Adverts (or Promotional Videos) that enable our business clients to reach their target market – and thus grow their businesses. As well as being highly skilled in terms of the Video Production Process we can also assist our clients with the Marketing aspects of any promotional video that we create (if requested). This includes consulting with our clients prior to the production of the video, to identify clearly defined and measurable Marketing Objectives for the promotional video. This helps us to work with our clients on developing the ‘Concept / Story’ for the promotional video (or Advert / Commercial).  When the video is complete, we can then utilise our digital marketing experience to Distribute and Promote the video content online - in order to maximise the reach of the video and the impact of its ‘message’ on the target audience.


Video Production Services

While we specialise in the production of promotional videos for our clients, we can also produce high quality video content to serve a range of other important functions. We can cater for all of the Video Production needs of our clients. Our video production team are available to produce Informational, Educational and Training Videos, as well as the production of Product Demonstration Videos and Client Testimonials. We also film Conferences, Business Talks and various other Business Events - as well as catering for the Entertainment and Music Industry through the production of innovative Music Videos and the filming of Concerts and Live Music Events.  

Note: We are also happy to work with Marketing Specialists, Advertising Agencies and P.R. Firms, who have already established a clear marketing strategy for their clients.  If there is already a clear creative ‘brief’ for the promotional video content - we have the professional Video/Film Crew that can make it a reality. We produce video content of exceptional quality to the exact specifications set out by marketing professionals.  


Industry Sectors that we cater for include …

  • SMEs
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Large Corporations
  • Sports Organisations
  • The Entertainment industry
  • Hospitality, Tourism & related industries
  • Media, P.R. Firms, Marketing & Advertising Agencies


We’re big on ‘IDEAS’!

Video Marketing Services

As part of the Video Marketing Services offered by ImageLink Film & Media, we bring a great deal of creativity to the production of our promotional videos. Depending on our client’s individual requirements – we can combine our marketing experience with our creative storytelling expertise, to help develop a concept (storyline) for the video. This will enable the resulting video to showcase how the particular products and services being offered can be of benefit to the relevant target market.

Then, after filming and editing of the final video we can also assist our clients with the promotion of the Video Content. We offer an extensive Distribution and Promotion service for any videos that we create for our clients.  We can assist our clients in their marketing and promotional efforts by helping to ensure that any video we create reaches the relevant target market.

We can implement an effective digital marketing strategy that incorporates the latest online marketing methods and techniques - in order to help our clients to achieve a measurable return on their video marketing investment. Offering this level of service is how we have built client loyalty throughout the country.


We utilise our ‘Creative Writing & Storytelling’ expertise in the creation of the initial ‘Concept’ for your video. Once the video has been created, we offer the added advantage of our Digital Marketing Experience in Distributing and Promoting the Video Content online - ensuring that it reaches your target market.

Return on investment

We are committed to the delivery of a quality service, while still offering excellent value for money.  We believe that any marketing budget that is allocated to the production of promotional video content is an investment.  Our clients can expect an excellent return on investment through the generation of active interest in what the company offers and through the acquisition of new customers - thus generating further revenue for their businesses and increasing the company profitability in the long term. To this end, the production of video content should prove to be of direct commercial benefit for our clients.

Our commitment to quality runs through every step of the process.

Our team

Our creative team have years of industry experience that is hugely beneficial to any Film / Video Project that we undertake.  On the marketing side - our creative writing and storytelling experience contributes to the creation of uniquely engaging video content. We also have the digital marketing expertise to make sure that this content reaches the widest possible relevant target audience – through the implementation of an effective digital marketing strategy for each video.

In terms of the quality of the Video/Film production – we can produce high resolution (Full H.D. or 4K) video content. We utilise our experience gained in the film industry (using the best camera angles, camera movement, lighting setups and editing) to ensure that we create an engaging viewing experience that has an impact on the relevant target audience.


Why not take this opportunity and give us a call today for a Free Initial Consultation And let’s get started with creating engaging video content for your business - that will help it reach its full potential!

It was great working with the guys from ImageLink Film & Media. They were very professional and we were very happy with the resulting video.

I would be very happy to work with them in the future.

Aileen O'Donnell

ImageLink Film & Media have created a number of marketing videos for our company. They recorded a substantial amount of footage that captured the essence of what our company offers. They then were able to use this footage to create a number of videos for us. We would recommend them to any company requiring marketing video content.

Rodney O'Conner
Rod's Kitchen - Catering Specialists

I just want to thank Derek and the ImageLink Team for helping to create a video record of our live event. I really appreciate it and I learned a lot.

Out of all of the projects that I have worked on this year, it has been the most enjoyable.

Lara Afrazmanech
Trinity College Dublin


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