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Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (SDGI)

The Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (SDGI) represents Irish directors working in both the Irish and international audio-visual industry. Members of this guild work in disciplines such as feature films, fiction, animation documentary, television drama, short films, video art and commercials. The main aim of the guild is to provide support to Irish screen directors and encourage Irish directors to advance their skills both nationally and internationally. This includes developing the creative ambitions of screen directors and providing an understanding of their role and status as artists.

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Screen Ireland

Screen Ireland (formally known as Bord Scannán na hÉireann/ The Irish Film Board) is the Republic of Ireland’s state development agency, which focuses on supporting the ever-growing Irish film, television and animation industry. It provides funds for the all of the key stages of production of relevant creative projects including development, production and distribution of feature films, feature documentaries, short films, TV animation series and TV dramas. Screen Ireland promotes opportunities for a diverse range of talent and artistic visions to flourish.

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The Irish Film Institute is Ireland’s official cultural institution for film. It’s role is to provide Irish audiences with the highest quality of independent, Irish and international film. Ireland’s moving image heritage is preserved in the IFI Irish Film Archive. This interesting preservation allows audiences from all over the world and of all ages to comprehend and critically engage with film.

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The Irish Film and Television Network (IFTN) is Ireland’s national film information service. It is a well established entity and has gained traction as Ireland’s most comprehensive news service and directory for the Irish Film and Television Industry. The website is updated on a regular basis by providing information on multiple aspects of the Irish audio visual industry.

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Irish Writers Guild

The Writer’s Guild Of Ireland (WGI) represents Irish writers for the stage, screen, radio and digital media. Essentially the guild is an organisation run by writers for writers. Members of the guild are informed of news about the industry through blog posts, newsletters, meetings, information sessions and talks.  The Guild also collaborates with writers organisations globally in order to be up to date on new developments throughout the industry.

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Screen Skills Ireland

Screen Skills Ireland is an agency in Ireland, which invests in people and skills development for projects intended for the screen in Ireland. Currently a part of Screen Ireland, Screen Skills Ireland was established in 1995 with the ambition to provide training and career development opportunities for individuals seeking to work in the Irish film industry.

Screen Skills Ireland focuses on designing, developing and executing industry-oriented skills development initiatives for projects made for the screen in Ireland. These initiatives include projects in film, TV, animation, games and VFX for individuals with experience levels ranging from new entrants to industry professionals.

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Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI)

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) is the key controller of broadcasting in Ireland.

It’s main functions are as follows:

·       Regulate broadcasting codes and rules

·       Licencing radio and television services throughout the country of Ireland

·       Reviewing the performance of RTE and TG4

·       Distribute funding for programming relating to Irish culture, heritage and experience

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Filmmakers Forum

The Filmmakers Forum was established for those who love film and filmmaking regardless of their professional level. The aim of the forum is to introduce an environment, where filmmakers can openly network and market themselves. The forum invites members to ask filmmaking questions, share thoughts & ideas, promote their work and showcase their ambitions for the future.

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Arts Council

The Arts Council of Ireland is a government agency responsible for progressing the arts. It works closely with artists, art organisations and public policy makers to provide a platform for arts to flourish in Irish life.

It’s main functions are to:

  • Inspire public interest in the arts.
  • Promote understanding, admiration and practice of the arts.
  • Assist in improving standards in the arts.
  • Advise the Minister and other public bodies on the arts.

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Further useful Resources for Filmmakers

No Film School

No Film School is a global community of filmmakers, video producers and creatives. The idea behind the community is to provide a platform for filmmakers to learn from each other without the need of a film school.  Whether the member went to film school or not is irrelevant. This site can assist with building a sustainable, creative careers in this growing creative industry.

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Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ is a very well established internet filmmaking school. It offers free advice on how to improve your craft and learn about the numerous aspects of filmmaking. The goal of the organisation is to make filmmaking knowledge accessible to all and provide a very thorough understanding of the intricacies of filmmaking.

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Industry Analysis Website by Stephen Follows

This is a useful source of filmmaking information and statistic. Created by U.K. based producer Stephen Follows – who uses his industry experience to create a range of interesting articles and other resources. His work spans over all aspects of filmmaking and gives very useful insights that can be assist with developing your craft as a filmmaker.

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