Video Price 'Variables'

Factors Affecting Video Production Costs

The best Video producers offer skilled creative services in a similar manner to the creative services provided by Architects, Designers, and Artists. So, unlike some other (less concept-based) products or services, prices vary in this creative service market place.  It is important to acquire the services of very skilled and talented creative practitioners that will help you to maximise the impact of your marketing spend on any Video Production.

As every discerning purchaser knows … It is not always the cheapest price that represents the best ‘Value for Money’.

‘Standard Rates’ for ‘Promotional Video’ productions & ‘Live Events’

We can produce a high-quality Full HD Video for most of our clients for rates starting from €1,500 to €2,900.  For clients that require video content on a regular basis or numerous videos to be produced in a given time period we are always willing to discount the cost per video, due to economies of time and scale that can result from working closely with the same client on numerous video production projects.

If keeping costs down is a major priority for your company, then the best advice when deciding on the video concept is to ‘keep it simple’. Professionally produced video does not have to have a budget rivalling Star Wars in order to be effective. What is important, is that you communicate your message in the most effective and engaging manner possible.

Cost Variables

The scale and complexity of the video production process will vary depending on the unique attributes of the company (or organisation) that requires the video, the objectives of the video, the creative concept for the video and the available budget for the project.

There are a number of practical aspects of the production process that will vary from one video production to another. These include the scale of the project, the time it takes to complete the project and the materials and resources required.  An online video can be as simple as a short interview with a single individual, or as complex as a ‘mini-movie’ that requires film sets, multiple locations, cast, crew and even special effects.

At ImageLink Film & Media we cater for a wide range of video production projects - large and small. For each project we undertake, we always give much careful consideration to the cost variables involved, before preparing a quote for our clients.  The total costs for the video production will depend on time and resources required at each stage of the process. By consulting closely with our clients early on, we ascertain what they want to achieve and devise the most cost-effective way of delivering on their stated objectives for the video.  We carefully itemize and estimate the various costs involved for the technical equipment and skills required, as well as any other possible resources that will be needed to be allocated in order to bring our clients vision to reality.

We also agree on a timeframe for completion of the project.  This includes estimating the time that will need to be allocated to planning the shoot, the actual filming on the day (or days) and the time required to complete the post production (editing & distribution) stage of the process.

Cost Variables include …

  • Creative Skills
  • Time
  • Personnel
  • Materials & Resources

ImageLink Film & Media - ‘Experience & Creativity’

Hiring ImageLink Film & Media to create video content for your company (or organisation) will enable you to benefit from our experience and expertise in Video Production.  We believe that our technical skills combined with our passion for creativity and storytelling represents an excellent value proposition for our clients.

We bring our natural creativity and expertise to all stages of the video production. We also leverage our marketing know-how throughout the entire process, from assisting clients set clearly defined objectives for the video, to Video Concept creation - to advising our clients on the best marketing strategies for promoting the video online (once it has been completed). Our marketing experience combined with our creative ability offers a winning formula for creating engaging and impactful video content, which will set your company apart for its competitors.

Concept / Script / Storyboard Creation

We assist you with identifying what measurable business objective(s) the video is trying to achieve.  For Promotional Videos & Commercials the video needs to identify and demonstrate how features of the products (or services) being showcased in the video have the potential to benefit your clients (ie. either new prospects or existing clients).  We utilise our extensive marketing experience and creativity to assist our clients in creating the Story Line /Concept for the video that will achieve this objective. As part of this process we can also create a story outline (brief synopsis) as well as a storyboard and/or script before filming begins, so that all the shots that make up the video content can be assessed ahead of time to ensure maximum impact on the viewers of the video. This can serve as the blueprint for your video. Bigger projects will naturally be more complex and require more time to plan.  The time allocated to preproduction and planning will affect the overall rates we will need to charge.

Time allocated to Filming

During Filming (production) we generally get as much relevant film footage as possible.  This gives us the maximum scope for creativity during the editing process.  For example, as well as recording an interview with the Managing Director of a company we would also aim to get some relevant footage of the company products (or services being delivered) and where possible other relevant footage such as staff at work, staff interacting with customers, and so on.  The interview footage can then be combined with the extra footage for maximum effectiveness.

The amount of time spent filming and the number of locations involved will naturally have a bearing on the cost of the production. However, getting the maximum amount of relevant footage (in the most economical fashion possible) in order to best represent the ‘message’ of the video is always a priority. This is something that we plan carefully with our clients early in the planning and pre-production process. Where shooting requires a number of days, we generally discount on our daily rates in order to deliver the best possible value for money for our clients.

Editing work /Implementation of Graphics

Time spent editing the project is also an important variable. It is through the editing process that the final video comes to life.  Editing is where all the best footage is assembled in a manner that creates the most engaging storyline for your video.  We can create a video using solely the ‘filmed’ footage or we can expand it to include graphic elements. All editing decisions are driven by a desire to produce content that will best communicate the message you are intent on delivering the viewers of the video. We agree with the client on the most effective approach to use and implement these decisions during the editing process.

During preproduction, we agree on an editing schedule with our clients (in advance of the project) so that they know how long it will take, what the ‘deliverables’ are at each stage of the editing process and how much this phase of the process will contribute to the overall cost of the video.

We use the latestindustry standard - editing software’ - Final Cut Pro 10 and Motion 5 – to achieve the best possible results. After producing the initial draft of the edited footage, we consult with our clients and (if necessary) we implement any changes that they might require. Our priority is to always make sure that our clients are satisfied with the finished video and that it meets all their requirements.

Camera & Equipment

Depending on the requirement of the shoot, we use a range of high-end digital and cine-cameras on our filming projects. When required, (for example the recording of a live events such as conferences, live music events or performances) we often film with as many as four cameras recording footage simultaneously.  This setup results in an extensive amount of footage and allows for maximum creativity during editing. The camera makes and models that we use include Canon, Sony and Black Magic CineCameras.

For many online videos we use the Canon 5D Mark iii Digital SLR cameras. This is a very versatile Full Frame Camera, that produces excellent results. It performs very well in a range of different shooting environments and is particularly effective in low light situations.  It has a high dynamic range and produces great Full HD Footage.  For any technically minded individuals we have included some technical specifications about this camera below.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III key specifications

  • 22MP full frame CMOS sensor
  • ISO 100-25600 standard, 50-102,800 expanded
  • 6 fps continuous shooting
  • Shutter rated to 150,000 frames
  • 1080p30 video recording (Full HD), stereo sound via external mic
  • 61 point AF system
  • 63 zone iFCL metering system
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • 1040k dot 3:2 LCD
  • Dual card slots for CF and SD

Note: For Dramas or any Films that will be shown on Cinema Screens, we use the Sony FS 7 or the Black Magic cine-cameras. The ability of these cameras to shoot in 4K resolution makes them an excellent choice for our ‘Big Screen’ projects.        


We use a range of different prime and zoom lenses including Wide Angle, Fixed Focal Length Prime Lenses and Cine Lenses. One of our favourite lenses to use is the Canon L Series 100mm to 400mm zoom lens, which produces exceptional images and footage. This lens is particularly effective for recording live events where the camera might need to be some distance from the performers (or presenter) or where a nice shallow dept of field is required.  As with all of our equipment choices, the types of lens used will vary depending on the type of footage we need to get to produce the required result.  We are happy to discuss these decisions with our clients (if required) and we can demonstrate how different lenses can vary a shot in terms of light, depth of field and angle of view.

As we have a range of lenses to choose from, it is only on very large-scale productions that the choices of lenses used could be a variable affecting the overall costs on the project (this would arise if we needed to hire out a specific lens type to get a certain desired effect).

Sound Recording equipment

Excellent sound quality is vital for professional level video productions.  We employ a dedicated sound engineer on all video production projects to achieve this. We always record sound directly into a separate sound recorder (as opposed to into the camera) as this results in better quality of sound and facilitates recording up to six channels of sound from different mic sources.   We generally use the Zoom H4N Sound Recorder, with a directional mic (on a boom pole) or else wireless Lavalier mic’s depending on the requirements of the project.  This produces the high-quality audio that we use for editing the final video. We do record sound into the cameras built in microphone, also but this is just as a backup and for use when syncing the visual footage with the recorded audio (during editing).

Attaining top quality audio, through employing the services of a dedicated sound engineer on all projects does add an extra layer of cost to the production (filming) stage of the video. However, attaining the best possible quality sound recordings for all video/film shoots is a top priority of ours and we believe it is vital in order to produce professional quality video.


Where possible we always like to light our subjects. Good lighting combined with HD cameras and high-quality lenses results in the best possible quality footage for your video.  We have a range of LED lights (with reflectors and bounce boards) that are very flexible and transportable, which we use for most projects.

For larger shoots, we use Film Industry Standard Lighting Equipment. We rent from professional Film & Equipment rental companies that can provide Cameras & Lighting equipment to the level of large-scale productions such as Vikings or Game of Thrones. Any such equipment rental costs are built into the initial quotes for large scale projects.

Studio Shooting

If ‘Studio Shooting’ or ‘Green Screen’ footage is required, we factor this into the initial quote.  For small to medium size companies we advise that this extra cost should be carefully considered and used sparingly.  In order to justify the extra costs that would be involved in utilising such facilities, there would need to be a specific requirement that could not be delivered by exploring other filming options.

Note: For Large Scale Projects, utilising Film Studios & Green Screen facilities can actually reduce the overall costs of a project - as Green Screen C.G.I. can result in effects that would either be impossible to film in the ‘real world’ or that would cost multiples to produce the same scale or effect.

Drone Footage

When required, we can provide drone footage to compliment the main footage used in the video.  The extra costs involved will vary depending on the amount of footage required and the locations being filmed. Note: Due to regulatory guidelines and the requirement for permits in certain locations, this can also extend the timeframe required to complete the project.

Stock Footage

Where appropriate we can supplement the filmed footage with some stock footage that is appropriate to the subject of the video.  While there is a small extra cost associated with use of high-quality stock footage, this can represent a cost-effective alternative to filming the footage required - for example, an aerial view of the city would cost a lot to film but is relatively inexpensive to acquire from stock footage providers.  At ImageLink Film & Media, we have accounts with a number of companies that supply high end stock video/film footage. As with all potential extra costs, we examine these options early in the consultation process and make sure that there is an appropriate budget allocation for such resources.


Some videos work best by combining interviews with key personnel with relevant footage that accentuates the topic being discussed.  Still others work well with the relevant points being delivered through written text that appears on the screen, together with the footage filmed.  It can still be worth considering the use of voice over / narration as being appropriate for some content. Where it is decided that narration is appropriate, we use experienced narrators to ensure that the content is delivered in the most professional way possible. If this option is identified as the preferred option for delivering the ‘message’ of the video, there will be a cost implication for the overall budget as it will take time and resources to record the audio and the narrator will need to be paid for their services.

Music & Sound Effects

We recommend that the use of appropriate music for the majority of our videos.  Music adds an extra layer of engagement for the viewing audience and can be used to motivate the cuts implemented during the editing process. Even an interview video can benefit from some (low volume) background music that is appropriate to the topic content being discussed.  We have an extensive library of music that we use for these purposes.  Unless there is a requirement for an original composition or film score (a brand-new sound track for a film) the use of music with the video will not increase the overall costs of production in any significant manner.

Similarly, the range of high-quality sound effects and foley available in editing software programs means that these can be applied to any film / video without any significant cost implications.

Miscellaneous Fees

These are various extra charges that don’t occur on most shoots but may be relevant for some specific projects. We always seek to identify such costs early on and make provision for them accordingly in the budget/quotation. An example of miscellaneous costs might include Traveling Expenses incurred for certain projects – (we will only charge such ‘expenses’ if the project in question involves several hours of traveling – on numerous days, or if we need to hire transport for actors or extras to the filming location!). Another example of a miscellaneous cost might be the requirement for accommodation or other facilities for cast and crew - in order to complete a large-scale shoot in a remote location. These types of expenses do not arise on most video production projects, but where they are a factor, all such costs are included in the initial quotation in advance of the project.

Large Scale Video Projects, Commercials and Film Productions – Quotations & Budgeting

For most promotional videos, we operate with a small crew and filming generally takes place at a single location (usually at the premises of the company or the location of the event that is the focus of the video).

However, certain extra costs may apply to Large Scale Videos, Commercials/Adverts or Film Projects.  Examples include the hiring of extra film crew, Catering and accommodation (if required) for cast & extras, Security, Safety Consultants, ‘Onsite’ First Aid /Medical Personnel, Hair & Makeup staff and the use of Stunt Personnel. Still other examples include the use of film sets, specific film props or for the renting of specialised filming equipment or facilities.

These costs don’t apply to most projects but are all discussed and considered for larger projects during the initial consultations. These costs are then all collated to estimate an overall cost of production.  This ensures that the full costs of production are accurately calculated and budgeted for prior to proceeding with the video, commercial/advert or film production.

Inclusion of Actors/Presenters

Depending on the video or Advertising Concept it may sometimes be necessary (and potentially very beneficial) to utilise the skills of actors or presenters in the production.  This is an extra potential cost for the video production process, but it is worth considering at the preproduction stage.  We can assist with acquiring the best available talent for your video - in order to make sure your company or organisation is represented in a very professional manner.

Film Crew

For most promotional videos that we produce, we utilise a lean multi skilled crew of two or three people. All of our team are skilled in a number of different disciplines and so this reduces the number of crew required for any given shoot. This also minimises the production costs for our clients and reduces any disruption to the normal working day of staff working at the premises of the company that we are filming at.

When required (for larger projects) we hire in extra specialists in production, cinematography, sound and lighting in order to achieve the objectives of the filming brief.  This is generally only a requirement of larger budget productions – and these costs are detailed in the initial quotation we submit to our clients.

Free Consultation

We offer a totally free initial consultation where we can answer any questions that you may have regarding the whole video production process.  We are also happy to offer our creative opinion on what might be the most feasible video production options available to you to meet your business objectives.

So, ensure you don’t get left behind! Now is the time to get started. We can assist you with creating effective and engaging online video content …

Working to promote your business!

So, give us a call today … and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you realise all of your video production requirements.

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