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At ImageLink Film & Media, as well as creating inspiring video content we also assist our clients with making sure that the video content reaches the relevant target market/audience.


Here in the ‘Marketing Services’ section of the website we detail some important facts relating to the marketing advantages offered by promotional video content.  We also detail how creating engaging video content for your company or organisation can have important benefits with regard to the Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) for your company website. As well as this we also detail some important S.E.O Strategies and Tactics that can be implemented to maximise the reach that your video content on the major Search Engines such as Google and YouTube.


We also examine the available online options with regard  to how to best Distribute and Promote your videos online. We examine the most effective online platforms for promoting video content.

Other marketing related topic covered in this section of the website includes detailing the exact steps involved in the decision making journey that a prospect makes (through the ‘Purchase Funnel‘) in the process of becoming a paying customer for the products and services that your company offers.


We also outline a comprehensive list of some of the most important variables affecting the financial outlay required to create video content that meets your unique marketing and communication objectives. Finally, if you still have any doubts in relation to just how effective video can be as a marketing and communication tool for your business, we have included a section which details some very persuasive scientific statistics from around the world that highlight how incredibly effective engaging video content can be as a marketing and communication medium.


Below are very brief introductions to various articles in the Marketing Section of the ImageLink Film & Media website. Note: Each of the articles below can also be access using the drop down menus

Advantages of Video for Marketing Purposes

The growth of online video consumption continues to be exponential. Video is now the most popular medium for consuming and sharing ideas. Advances in communication technology combined with increased broadband speed have enabled companies and organisations worldwide to promote their products and services as well as to educate, entertain and inspire. In marketing terms, it has been shown to be much more effective than relying on purely text-based communications.  Read More …

Factors Affection Video Production Costs

The best Video producers offer skilled creative services in a similar manner to the creative services provided by Architects, Designers, and Artists. So, unlike some other (less concept-based) products or services, prices vary in this creative service market place.  It is important to acquire the services of very skilled and talented creative practitioners that will help you to maximise the impact of your marketing spend on any Video Production.  Read More …

The Purchase Funnel Process

One useful marketing exercise that we always invite our clients to engage in (when setting the objectives for any promotional / marketing video) is to identify at what stage in the purchasing process is the prospective viewer (ie the target market) of the video is currently at - in terms of the process of potentially making a purchase (from their company). There are some useful marketing models that identify the various stages that a buyer goes Read More …

Distributing & Promoting your ‘Video’ or ‘Commercial’ online

At ImageLink Film & Media, we can assist you with the formulating and implementation of a comprehensive Distribution and Promotion Campaign for your Video(s). This will involve identifying the best distribution methods for your video content - whether it is a long form video or a commercial-style ‘advert’ for your business. Once the Distribution Strategy (including assessment of the best ‘uploading’ options) is in place, we can also  Read More …

Video Promotion Tactics

At ImageLink Film & Media, we can assist with promoting your video online to ensure it reaches its target audience.  In this section we discuss some of the best options available for ‘Promoting’ your video online.  By Promoting the video, we are referring to various methods of making your video accessible from numerous locations online in order to reach the widest possible target audience for your video content.  Read More …

SEO Benefits of Video Content

One of the benefits of embedding Relevant Video Content on your company website is that it improves Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) for the Website.  Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) is the activity that companies engage in to maximise the likelihood of their website appearing on the first page of the ‘Natural Listings’ searches (as opposed to the paid adverts that appear for search results) performed by users of any search engine, such as  Read More …

Video SEO Tactics & Strategies

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of generating the maximum amount of traffic (to your website or video) from the ‘Free’ or ‘Natural Listing’s on Search Engine Search Results. These Search Result Listings, which are also known as ‘Organiclistings can be differentiated from the ‘Paid for’ Search Results, which are the adverts that usually appear at the top of the search results listings page or else on the right-hand side of the Page. Read More …

The Power of Video as a Communication Medium

The popularity of ‘Online Video’ is growing at an exponential rate. This is due to how effective and engaging a medium it is for communicating with your target audience. At ImageLink Film & Media we can help you create professionally produced video content that will enable you to take advantage of this very powerful communication medium.  Below are some important statistics that demonstrate the growth and effectiveness of Online Video as a communication medium  Read More …

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