Types of Corporate Video

Corporate Video

At ImageLink Film & Media, our creative team specialise in creating Promotional Videos for Companies and Organisations Nationwide.  This includes the production of Corporate Adverts & Commercials as well as the production of Corporate Training Videos and the Filming of Conferences and Corporate Events. Online video is a very engaging medium and is one of the most effective communication platforms for reaching target market.

We can help you grow your business through the creation of a promotional video for your company.  Research has shown that the level of engagement is much higher with film or video content than it is with any other type of advertising or business promotion.

Relevant online video content will also increase the profile of your company to your existing and potential customers as well as enhancing the image of your business in your industry sector.  As well as helping you project a positive image for your company, the very fact of having a promotional video on your company website will help to elevate your company website’s Search Engine Ranking with Google (as well as making your content on other major search engines such as YouTube).

Examples of how online video content can be used to promote your company include …

  • Promotional Videos / Adverts / Commercials
  • Training / Education Videos
  • Introductory Videos (introduce your Company, Products & Services)
  • Product (or Service) Demonstration
  • Special Offers / Upcoming Sales / Promotions or Events

Promotional Video / Adverts & Commercials

The length of the promotional video can vary depending on the desired outcomes for the video.  We can produce anything from a short Advertisement / Commercial (60 seconds or less) right through to the production of a Mini Film / Documentary Style Promotional Video that could run for as long as 45 minutes. It all depends on the objectives of the company or organisation and the resources available.

Generally, most of our clients go for more than one option, which is the most cost-effective use of your video / marketing budget and thus offers the best value for money.  We can create more than one video for our clients, but film all of the relevant footage on a single shoot (where logistics allow this). After the initial Pre-Production consultations and agreeing on video concepts etc we film a wide range of footage, (eg. interviews with key personnel, product demonstrations, shop/business location footage etc) and creating more than one company video in the Post Production (editing) phase of the process.

Short Commercial

We can use the footage filmed during production to produce the short Company Advertisement / Commercial (approximately 60 seconds or less) so as to get your message across in the optimal time. This would be recommended as best practice for attracting the attention and interest of potential new clients.  This is a very powerful method of communicating your persuasive message to your target market. When the extra layers of music, graphics, voiceover and/or text are added to the filmed content, the final product will be one of the most powerful assets in your marketing mix.

Mini Company or Product Documentary

To complement the shorter, attention grabbing ‘Adverts/Commercials’ (outlined above) we can use the same raw footage to a create longer, more detailed company or product profile video.  This format has proven to be very effective for reaching and communicating with clients that have already indicated a potential intent to purchase your products or services.

There are a number of possible areas of interest that this type of video production can focus on, and a range of options as to how the information will be presented visually.  We can create a video to Introduce your company.  Generally, this type of video would be made available on the Home Page of your company website and it acts as something of a visual company brochure for the business – giving an overview on the company history, key products and services, management and staff details and so on.  The details to be included are totally up to you. It’s all about representing your business in an engaging manner that you are comfortable with.  Such introductory videos can complement more specific focused video content that you can make available elsewhere on your website.

More specifically focused videos can introduce new product of service your company offers.  Alternatively, other videos could celebrate the number of years in business or having reached some other milestone as a business (such as having won an industry award).  Which aspects of your business you wish to focus on is again, completely up to you.

We can assist you with the development of the initial concept & ideas.  Our focus is always on creating video content that will reaffirm the positive aspects of the company and enhance the image of the company in the eyes of existing and potential customers. At ImageLink Film & Media, we tailor the video content to the unique marketing requirements of your company.

Stylistic Options as to how the film will be shot and edited will be discussed and decided on during the preproduction process (in advance of any filming).   Concept options vary depending on the objectives of the video.

Some tried and tested options include the Classic Interview (usually with senior management from the company) to the classic narrated Documentary Style video. All other creative decisions (such as the length of the video/use of graphics, music etc) are also discussed in advance of filming and agreed upon during the preproduction phase process.  There are numerous other ways of utilising video for business purposes. Some of these are outlined below.

Interviews with Key Personnel

Using interviews with company owners / managers / executives can help give your company a Personal Face.   Interviews on specific industry topics or brief introductions to the company (and its products or services) can personalise the experience of the viewer and help build affinity and trust in your company.

Corporate Instructional & Training Videos

We create innovative and engaging training videos for large and small companies throughout Ireland.  The Training Videos can be utilised to serve a wide range of functions from assisting your customers with solving problems to providing Internal Employee and Staff Training (in Sales, Customer Service, Support etc).  Staff orientation and Health & Safety Awareness videos that relate specifically to your company or workplace are other video options that can be considered.  We always aim to create Training Videos that are memorable and as entertaining as possible (to maximise engagement) and that meet your company’s unique requirements.

We encourage the use of visual examples of the principles that you are trying to communicate to the viewer so as to best demonstrate the skills or behaviours being taught. The content should ideally be delivered using a style and tone that reflects your unique organisational or company image. This can be as basic as an instructor using a flip chart, to an ‘in the field demonstration’ of a process or product, right through to creating a video with advanced graphics, text or voice over to impart the key concepts to the viewer of your instructional video.  Training Videos can but utilised over and over and represent a very cost-effective substitute for classroom-based training.  Further they offer the flexibility that classroom training cannot offer in that it can be accessed at any time and from any location.

At ImageLink Film & Media, we can create training videos for your company and make sure that they are made available online in a manner such that, they are only accessible by individuals that have been provided with the appropriate URL.  We can also make sure that the video content is ‘password’ protected – in order to ensure that Training content is only accessible to appropriate individuals (and not available to the wider public).

Educational & Information Sharing Videos

Video can be used to Educate & Inform as well as being utilised as a delivery format for demonstrating your knowledge and expertise regarding relevant industry topics. In online marketing language this is often referred to as ‘Content Marketing’.  For example, HubSpot provides useful Social Media marketing advice online in free eBooks and videos online.  B&H Cameras have numerous videos online relating to their area of expertise, including product reviews, videos focused on photography ‘lighting’ best practices, methods of recording the best sound for video etc.  All of this builds their brand online as well as proving useful and informative for the viewers of their video content on YouTube.  (They also sell products (retail and online) and so a higher profile online can only assist with elevating their online sales figures).

If you are an expert within your industry, it is well worth considering creating online videos that will be informative to users on the web. You can also use Video to educate and inform your clients (and potential clients) about the latest developments, specific trends or issues within your industry sector.  This builds credibility and creates trust among clients and prospects alike. It demonstrates leadership in your field and creates a feeling of reciprocation in the viewers, having received assistance with solving a specific problem or learning about a niche topic that they are actively interested in.  As well as answering questions for clients (and potential customers) and solving problems for them.  Good quality ‘Information/Content’ video also has the potential to raise awareness of your company brand and elevate your status with your peers and prospects alike.

Product (or Service) Presentation or Demonstration Videos

Videos can be a great way to present your company’s products, show how they work and to demonstrate how to best use them. Such videos should ideally clearly demonstrate how the product being profiled can be of benefit to clients – by solving specific business, personal or economic problems or issues.  Such videos also provide an opportunity to highlight how the products you provide can be differentiated from those of your competitors, in terms of value for money, quality and so on.  Any frequently asked questions relating to your product can also be answered here and as any common objections that sales representatives may encounter on a regular basis can also be dealt with in the video – thus removing any potential barriers to prospects proceeding to make a purchase.

For Demonstration Videos the practical aspects of using the product can be clearly demonstrated, such as how to set up, use or install your company’s products.  These videos can also provide advice relating to maintenance, servicing and upgrading of a product.  These product videos can also provide an opportunity to ‘upsell’ related products or services to existing customers. Training/Demonstration Videos can also potentially fulfil a requirement for cost effective solutions relating to training staff or clients remotely on using a specific product that your company sells.

At ImageLink Film & Media, we can create Product Demonstration videos that meet the requirement of your company and its customers.  We can keep it simple, or create videos incorporating 3D imagery and graphics.  We tailor each video project to meet our client’s requirements and objectives.

Client Testimonials

Another way to bring the human side of your company to the fore is through client testimonials.  Most of your competitors’ websites will (if they use testimonials at all) be publishing bland text-based testimonials on their website. These usually just give an unknown name and a single line of text merely stating ‘thanks for the great service etc’. These are often not very credible and really don’t have much of an impact on potential client prospects.

Providing a series of brief video testimonials from customers (who have had positive experiences in dealing with your company) has an emotional impact on the viewer. They can see that these are real people just like themselves. This is very valuable marketing content.  Such testimonial videos can help to create real trust in your company and the services you offer.  One useful way of getting a series of these together is at an industry event or trade show. When used in conjunction with your company’s other relevant Video Content, this can be extremely valuable Marketing and Branding content.

Event Videos

If you or one of your company representatives is due to speak at a conference event or trade show, then why not record a video of the presentation and make it available online.  Similarly, if you or your company are nominated or due to win an industry award then why not record a video of the event and make the relevant portions of the footage available on your website and elsewhere online.  There are numerous advantages associated with this.

The content is bound to be of relevance and interest to a relevant industry audience.  It will show expertise and skill in your industry sector, which will increase the status of your company and increase the likelihood of buying behaviour from new customers (due to the building of trust and confidence in your company).

Multiple Videos and Regular Video Updates *

Creating multiple videos relating to your company (such as demonstrating your products & services) in conjunction with regular video updates focused on important developments in your industry, will increase the traffic to your website as well as reaching a relevant target market for your company. You can highlight the value propositions your company can offer its clients.

For example, it is worth considering creating a unique video for each one of your company’s products (or services).  These videos can highlight the great features of the products and services that your company offers and outlines how they can be of potential benefit to your customers.

Marketing experts assert that it can take at least seven ‘interactions’ with a brand in order to build the confidence a new customer may need before making a significant purchase. Creating multiple corporate videos can facilitate this process in an engaging, informative and enjoyable way.

Regular Video Updates have become very popular online and offer business and industry professionals an effective and engaging way to keep abreast of the latest developments and product solutions in their industry sector.  By creating these types of innovative videos making and them available online, you can ensure active engagement and interest of existing clients/customers and prospects alike.

Keyword aware video descriptions

It is important to make sure that have optimised the video for S.E.O. effectively by using the correct keywords in the video title and description in order to ensure that it relates to the topic in question, ensuring the video displays in the search results for web searches by interested parties. You can also provide links at the end of any video to your company website or to other relevant product videos, testimonials, and company videos.

So, what are you waiting for?

Give us a call today at ImageLink Film & Media today on (01) 902 3549 to get started on the creation of your Marketing Video Content. Or you can email us at info@irishbusinessvideo.com

We look forward to discussing your company’s unique requirements and tailoring a solution that best suits your needs.

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