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Real Estate is a very competitive market these days. For Real Estate Agents in the Residential Property and Commercial Property sectors we offer a Real Estate ‘Property Video’ service. This essentially creates a ‘Virtual Tour’ of the property for prospective buyers. For any Real Estate Agent in Dublin (or anywhere in Ireland) that wishes to differentiate themselves from the competition, it is worth considering the competitive advantages of incorporating high quality, professionally produced Real Estate Property Video content as an additional service that they can provide for the ‘seller’ of the property.  It is also a huge potential advantage to any potential buyers.  As these prospective buyers will be able to experience the special attributes and qualities of the property on offer -  relating to light, space and structure – in a way that normal photography just cannot match.

We film in Full H.D. (High Definition) and this high quality footage can really give the potential buyer a good feel for what it is really like to be in the property on offer. We utilise Film Industry Standard Editing Software – Final Cut Pro 10, with Motion 5 Graphics.  We always edit in such a way as to maximise the ‘Wow’ factor and to highlight any unique features that the property might offer.

After viewing the professionally produced Real Estate Property Video – More prospective buyers will be interested in booking a Viewing Appointment in order to experience the property for themselves.

High quality video can speed up the sales process – thus reducing the time and costs associated with making a sale.

Video incorporating appropriate graphics – emphasising the Key Selling Points of the listing

We can create a stylistic video that works much like a Virtual Tour of the property being profiled. We can incorporate appropriate graphics to appear on the screen at the most pertinent moments - to detail the most important attributes and selling points of the building (eg. Square Footage, BER Rating, Proximity from important amenities such as public transport, shops & schools etc).  As well as featuring the logo of the Real Estate agent selling the property, we can also include a clickableCall to Action’ such as ‘Book a Viewing’ etc in order to increase interaction with the prospective buyer viewing the video.

Note: Where the property is close to any major landmarks or a suburb offering great amenities or attractions – we can incorporate some footage of these ancillary selling points into the video to make it even more impactful on the viewer / potential buyer. This will further engage the viewers of the video, while communicating the most important information to the prospective buyer in a precise and memorable way. 

Types of Video we create for Real Estate Agents

  • Although creating ‘Virtual Tour’ Property videos is the main Video Production service that we offer for Real Estate Agents, we can also create other types of marketing videos for our Real Estate Agent clients.
  • We can do a ‘profile’ on the company highlighting the services that the Real Estate agent offers and outlining why any property seller should choose them to handle their property sales. It can also be any opportunity to answer common questions that both sellers and buyers have with regarding the sales process.
  • We can also create ‘Client Testimonial’ videos – that can be incorporated into the ‘profile’ video – or else be made available as separate video content on the Real Estate Agent’s company website. This makes the website more engaging and also gives sellers more reasons to choose the

Higher Levels of Engagement with the Property on offer

Video is by its very nature more engaging for the viewer than mere photographs with text descriptions of properties being offered.  All the latest statistics demonstrated video content attracts more views and holds the attention of the viewer for longer.  Professionally produced property videos will increase the interest in, and enquiries about the property listed - from buying prospects. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to put that ‘Sold’ sign outside the property!

With Video Content being the number one medium for online content consumption by all online users, it makes sense to take advantage of this ever growing trend through the creation of professionally produced video contentshowcasing the key selling points of  the properties being listed.

Broader Market Reach – Online Distribution

Professionally produced property video content offers a further advantage in terms of expanding the online reach to the relevant target market for the property that is for sale.

The property video content can be made available on the Real Estate Agent’s company website as well as also being uploaded to YouTube (and thus making it available on what is now the world’s second largest search engine after Google).  This video content of the showcased property then has the potential to show up on relevant searches on both Google and YouTube (as well as on the Real Estate Agents own company website - or any directory website where they decide to post a link to the video content).

This maximises the online reach for the video of the property that is available for sale. It also has the potential to have a beneficial effect on the Search Engine Ranking of the company website – as we can incorporate clickable links into the YouTube video, directing viewers to visit the Real Estate Agents company website. This also increases engagement of the prospective buyer with the Real Estate Agents and has the potential to move the buyer further along in the marketing funnel / sales process – to the point where they make a purchase.

  • ‘85% of Buyers prefer to work with Real Estate Agents that use video’

- according to the leading property website in the US – HOMES.COM (2018)

  • ‘Real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those

without video’   – according to ( 2019)

  • ‘Find a Real Estate Agent - searches on YouTube are increasing 46% year on year’ – according to

At ImageLink Film & Media, we can assist with uploading the video content online – as well as assisting with utilising the Keyword Aware text in the Title, Description and Transcript for the video – so that the property video is optimised to rank high on Search Engine Results Pages. We can also assist with the creation of a dedicated YouTube channel for each of our Real Estate Agent clients – so they have an individual YouTube Channel to showcase their property videos. Hosting your Real Estate Property videos on YouTube also offers the advantage that it is very easy for viewers to ‘Share’ the content on their Social Media Network. Thus further increasing the reach of this very versatile property marketing tool.

Reach more ‘Potential Buyers’ and increase ‘Property Sales’

Utilising High Quality, Professionally Produced Real Estate Property video - will increase the number of potential purchasers for the property being profiled in the video as well as reducing the amount of time it takes to close a property sale. Any Real Estate agent that is offering ‘Property Video’ as a service to individuals (or developers) interested in selling their properties will also see an increase in the number of sellers wishing to avail of the sales service that they provide.

So why not give Professionally Produced Real Estate Property Video a try?

Give us a call today to get a free quote for the Real Estate Property Video services that we offer. - We look forward to hearing from you …

Utilising High Quality, Professionally Produced Real Estate Property videos - will increase the number of potential purchasers for the property being profiled in the video...Read More


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