Seminars and Live Events

An incredible amount of time, effort and resources often go into the planning and running of a corporate event.  All corporate events aim to achieve specific business objectives and results. One way to maximise the results achieved from all that effort is to film the event so as to make it available to a much wider audience and for a much greater time period.

At ImageLink Film & Media, we are available to record & film various Live Events across Dublin and right around Ireland.  Corporate sector events that we cover include Exhibitions and Trade Shows as well as Corporate Seminars for specific industry sectors. We also create video content covering Product Launches, Training Days and Lectures/Presentations, Sales Conferences, Educational Events & Award Ceremony’s. In the Entertainment Sector the range of Live Events that we cover includes Live Music events, Concerts and Shows.

Multi-Camera Setup

On the day of the live event, we generally film using two or more cameras so as to have a range of film footage (and various camera angles) available for editing.  By making sure to always have more than just a single camera angle for an event (such as a talk or demonstration on a specific topic) we can edit the footage in such a way as to keep the content engaging for the viewing audience for the video.  If required, we can also incorporate any power-point presentation slides or images used by the presenter during the presentation.  By incorporating the slides used (this is done during the editing process) adds another layer level of engagement between the viewer and the material being presented.

Once we have completed production on the video of the event, we can also assist with the Distribution and Promotion of the video content online (including uploading the video so as to make it available online). * We can also make the video available on other formats including producing DVD’s of the event - if required.

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