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At ImageLink Film & Media, we offer a range of services that can be of assistance to up and coming talent in the Irish Film Industry. With extensive writing, film making and project development experience our team can assist writers, actors, directors and producers. We are always interested in working with emerging Irish and international talent – so don’t let your lack of experience hold you back. Below are some details on our services - that are potentially relevant to anyone involved in Creative Fiction/Drama in Ireland.

Script Consultancy Service

At ImagelInk Film & Media, we offer a comprehensive (one to one ) Script Consultancy service. We utilise our experience in writing and developing Feature & Short Film Scripts to assist you with developing your script (to the stage where you can market the script to film production companies and potential investors). Story analysis, story structure analysis,  character development and plot are all examined and assessed.  The theme and tone of the creative writing is also brought to the surface to make sure that the central message of your story is being expressed in the most effective and honest manner.  (Script Formatting – to industry standard, as well as Screen Writing software training is also available as part of the service, if required).

With regard to marketing your script we can assist with developing a ‘Look Book’ for the script, so that you are well prepared for the ‘Film Fundraising’ phase of the project (or approaching film production companies to garner interest in your story).  The ‘Look Book’ is essentially like a ‘brochure’ for the film.  It is a visual representation of the story, which provides a brief summary of the overall story arc, the main characters and the colour palette for the film. Any other relevant details can also be included - that might give a prospective producer (or investor) a clear idea for your vision of the finished film.

Each project is handled on an individual basis.  We can arrange a totally cost free initial consultation, where we can ascertain what areas you feel you need most assistance with and provide you with more details on our script consultancy service.  We then agree on a schedule of meetings within a given timeframe.  Payments for the service are based on an hourly rate.

For more information on this service please give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Editing Services

At ImagelInk Film & Media, we offer a film editing service for short films and independent feature films.  We believe that the editing process is hugely important in terms of crafting the footage into the most impactful story possible.  Every editing choice made affects how the story flows and has an impact on the emotional power of the story, when seen on the screen. When we edit we are not just thinking about the actors and the action on the screen, we are always mindful of the effect the film will have on the eventual viewing audience for the film.

We can work closely with your team to make sure that the edited film is delivered in a way that closely matches the vision of the writer, director and/or producers. Before we begin the editing process we consult carefully with the relevant contributors to the film in order to make sure that we have a deep understanding of the real ‘story’ being told.  We are used to working to deadlines and so you can expect a quick turn-around. Each project is quoted for individually and the fee involved is directly related to the number of hours we will need to allocate to the project.

Crew Hire

At ImagelInk Film & Media, we offer a crew hire service for independent film productions being shot in Ireland. If you need a Cinematographer / Camera Operator, a Sound Recordist, a Film Director or additional experienced personnel for your Production Team, give us a call and we’ll try to help you out.


We will shortly be offering internships and work experience opportunities for individuals interested in gaining experience in the Film Industry. If you are interested in gaining more experience in Camera, Sound Recording or Editing feel free to contact us. Relevant Training and Qualifications, as well as any previous film industry experience is a definite advantage.  If you are interested, please email your C.V. to

Film making

We currently have a number of Short Films in development. They will be showcased at various Film Festivals in Ireland and internationally later this year.  We also have a Feature Film at the early development stage. It is a drama set in Ireland, which details the adventures of two brothers who get drawn into the criminal underworld with unlikely consequences.

Documentary Films

At ImageLink Film & Media, we are working on some international Documentary Film projects.  These documentary projects cover a range of subjects from around the world. One documents a trek to Everest Base Camp (in Nepal).  The title of the documentary is ‘Base Camp Journal’.  Another interesting documentary film that we are currently developing is provisionally titled ‘Shelter Me’.  It chronicles the efforts of a team of Irish volunteers for Habitat for Humanity - as they help build new homes for communities in need in the rain forests of Ghana (West Africa).  We are aiming to have these films released later this year.

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