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Music Videos & Live Music Events - for Bands or Solo Music Artists

At Image Link Film & Media, we specialise in the creation of high-quality music videos.  Our team have worked with numerous music artists to create videos that complement their musical style. We can assist with the sound recording of the song as well as the creation of the music video.

All Types of Music

The visual theme for your music video will depend on the musical genre that you specialise in and also what you wish to express artistically in the video.  Whether it is Trad, Pop, Rock or Classical Music (or any other genre), we would be delighted to see how we can assist you with creating an innovative and memorable music video to go with the song or tune in question.

Music Video Content - Creative Choices

The theme for the music video can be as simple as an individual musician (or band) performing at one location (such as a music venue) or we can create a ‘mini-movie’ style music video that complements the story theme of the lyrics of the song (or the style of the tune - if there are no lyrics!). We can also provide the option of combining these two aforementioned visual themes - so that the edited video cuts between shots of the artist performing the tune/song, and shots that tell the ‘story’ of the song or tune. We find that this option works very well and is a very popular ‘stylistic’ choice.

We are always excited about creating a Story Concept to complement a good tune or song. If the artist wishes to film a story to complement the performance, then our creative team get an opportunity to utilise their script development experience (in the film industry) in developing a compelling story concept. Note: If the story concept requires actors for the shoot, we can use our extensive contacts in the industry to help cast the best actors for the job. 

If you have some strong story ideas that you would like to incorporate into the video, we can assist you with accessing and developing these ideas – in order to ascertain how your concept will be best utilised for the creation of a memorable music video for your song.

Emotional Impact

The story footage that we record for the music video can either tell a linear story (for example, a ‘boy meets girl’ story) or it can be quite abstract – and include striking images that have an emotional impact to accentuate the emotional resonance of the song / tune being performed. A strong complementary story to go with your song will result in a music video that creates the maximum impact on your audience.

Music Video Promotion

It can be difficult for musicians in today’s music industry to promote their original creative efforts. Creating compelling music videos for your musical compositions can be a great way of enabling the work to reach a wider audience / listenership. Having created the video, we can then also assist with making it available on the most appropriate locations online. We can also (if required) help with the promotion of the video online to further extend the reach of your music.

Live Music events

At ImageLink Film & Media, we are also available for filming and recording of Live Music events. We always use a multi-camera setup at these events to give the maximum amount of creative choices when it comes to editing the footage of the event.

Having your event filmed and recorded can be a great way for any musicians, singers (or bands) to acquire strong visual representations of their performances.  The filmed performance can also be edited into separate individual ‘song/tune’ performances – effectively creating a series of individual music videos (one for each song/tune performed).

Contact us now to discuss how we can assist you with creation of a great music video to help bring your music career to the next level.

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