SEO Benefits of Video Content

One of the benefits of embedding Relevant Video Content on your company website is that it improves Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) for the Website.

Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) is the activity that companies engage in to maximise the likelihood of their website appearing on the first page of the ‘Natural Listings’ searches (as opposed to the paid adverts that appear for search results) performed by users of any search engine, such as Google. Each website is given a ‘Ranking’ by the search engines algorithms, with a number of variables being taken into consideration to ensure that the best quality websites appear on the first page of the search results for any search. Obviously, content which appears high up on page one of the search results is much more likely to be accessed by the user than results that appear on later pages.

Having Video Content on your webpage increases what is known as the ‘Page Quality’ in the eyes of all major search engines and is therefore good for SEO. Google have recently started to give priority ranking to websites that contain video content. Having video content on your website therefore improves your search engine results ranking.

Improved Website ‘Viewer Engagement’

Website video, if done correctly will improve the browsing experience for visitors to the website.  To be most effective the video content should complement the other information being presented on the website.  For example, an introductory or biographical video for the company would generally go on the home page.  Specific product videos should appear on the relevant product page, and so on.  By providing useful information for potential clients in these videos, they are more likely to spend longer on the website (resulting in increased quality traffic to your website), which helps with SEO website ranking. They will also be more inclined to return to your website in the future.

Reduced Bounce Rates

Another important benefit of video content is in reducing what are known as ‘Bounce Rates’ to the absolute minimum. This is a major consideration for any professional business website.  When a viewer visits a webpage (as a result of a search engine search) but then leaves the page very quickly, they are considered to have ‘Bounced’ off of the page. How often this happens for your website is recorded by the search engine algorithms (and is referred to as the Bounce Rate). High Bounce Rates will reduce a website’s search engine ranking – because it is taken as an indication that the website content is not of high quality or relevant to the search terms inputted as part of the search.

It has been shown that having quality video content on a website increases viewer engagement by holding the website visitor’s interest for longer and so results in improved ‘stickiness’ of the website.  This reduces bounce rates and is therefore good for SEO.  Time spent by visitors to your webpage is one of the key quality score factors used by search engines like Google when ranking websites for search engine ranking.

Quality video content on your webpage’s results in more website visitors that are staying engaged for longer.  This can help your company website achieve a higher search engine ranking for your website, which is what SEO is all about.

Increased Buyer Behaviour

Your goal should be to keep visitors on your business website for as long as possible. The longer they spend on your website the more they will learn about your products and services, which increases engagement and increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase (or taking action acquire the services that the company offers).  Extending the amount of time that a prospect spends viewing your company website increases the rates of conversion of the prospect into a paying customer for your company’s products and services.  This increases profitability and should result in a positive return on investment regarding the production of your company video(s).

Video is a great way to bring visitors to your website through improved search engine rankings, keep them engaged once they get to your website and then get them to focus on your message in multiple ways (visually, audibly etc.) resulting in the visitor spending more time on your website. This means that they are spending more time exposed to your value proposition, calls to action, etc. All of which should result in the direct commercial benefits of increased Brand Awareness for your company’s products and services as well as increased revenue from sales.

S.E.O. Benefits of uploading your video to Video Hosting Platforms

YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine (after Google), with over one billion unique users every month and the viewing numbers are constantly on the increase. So, uploading your promotional video to YouTube enables you to reach a very wide audience for your video content.

When you have uploaded your video to YouTube you have the option to use the ‘embed’ link of the YouTube Video to embed the YouTube Video onto your company website.  YouTube searches can only display Videos in the search results. However, having the YouTube video embedded on your website effectively means that your website can show up on YouTube searches. This is an effective method of having the same video content on both your company website as well as Video Hosting Platforms (such as YouTube).

YouTube is now owned by Google.  It is not surprising therefore that videos hosted on YouTube tend to rank well in Google Searches. Having your company video hosted on YouTube is especially good for SEO by increasing the chances of it displaying on Google searches (as well as on YouTube searches).

SEO Benefits of PROMOTING your video(s) on multiple sites online

There are a number of potential Website SEO Benefits of promoting your video to multiple locations online. Beyond the benefit of reaching a wider audience for your video, promoting your video also gives you an opportunity to promote your company website on other locations on the internet. You can add a link to your website in the Video Description or within the video itself. This helps with your website SEO by helping to drive extra traffic to your website and will increase engagement with your company’s products and services. It also increases the number of inbound links to your website, which is another factor considered by the Search Engine Algorithms when assigning a page ranking to your website.



For general SEO purposes it is important that your company website is created in a way that is Keyword Aware.  Keywords are words and phrases that are most likely to be used in Search Terms that web users type into the search engines when searching specific content.  All the same keyword principles also apply to online video content.

It is important to note that to maximise the chances for your video content displaying for Google general ‘web’ searches (as well as on Google ‘video’ searches and YouTube video searches) that you make sure that the Video Title and Description is written in a way that will include ‘targeted keywords’ that match the potential search terms that users are likely to input in a search. It is also important to use the ‘Tags’ option on video hosting platforms in a keyword aware manner.  For more on S.E.O. Tactics to optimise the ranking of your video on line please click here …

Increased inbound ‘Links’ to your company website
(From Videos on Hosting Platforms).

The more a prospect can learn about your company and the product & services on offer, the higher the level of engagement and emotional investment on their part. This results in the development of trust in your company leading to a higher likelihood of converting them into a long-term customer for your business.

By including a link to relevant page(s) of your company website within the video itself (as well as in the description) of the video, you can direct viewers to your company website – thus increasing website traffic and improving the Search Engine Ranking of the website.

The number of relevant inbound links to a website is another factor affecting Search Engine Rankings for a website. Hosting your video on YouTube and other video sharing websites such as Vimeo can also offer an opportunity for providing extra external links directed to relevant pages on your company website. This can be done in the text-based video description (which will appear underneath your video) or from within the video itself. This will help your websites SEO by increasing the number of relevant inbound links to the site.

Sharing of Videos is very popular online

Video Sharing is very popular on YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing websites. Uploading is totally free and viewers can share your video if they like the content. YouTube (& other video sharing websites) provides the option to share the videos on a range of social media platforms.  

Sharing is as easy as clicking on the relevant Sharing icons that appear under the video. The sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Reddit, Blogger, Tumblr, Linked-In, Pinterest, Stumble
Upon and LiveJournal among others.  Video sharing is what enables the possibility of your video of going Viral, which is the ultimate aspiration of any online promotional video.

You maximise the reach for your video content by sharing the video on your own social media networks as well as enabling and encouraging viewers to share the video through theirs. This creates the opportunity for the video to go viral.

If your video is shared a lot, this can benefit website SEO because each time it is viewed there is the potential that the viewer will click on any website link incorporated on the video.  This increases the number of visitors to your website.  Increased website traffic assists with SEO (as does evidence of relevant inbound links to the website).

Once your video content is engaging and contains a strong call to action, this is likely to have a positive SEO effect on your website through generating increased traffic to the website.

Video is being made ‘Priority Content’ by Google

Having video on your website will also increase the Search Engine Ranking of your website for the general Google ‘web’ search. Google has recently publicly stated that they now prioritise websites with Video Content. With competition to get Page One Ranking for Google Searches being so competitive in the modern online market place, video content for your website should be adopted as an integral part of your company’s marketing and S.E.O. Strategy.

Google now owns YouTube

As Google owns YouTube, it stands to reason that YouTube videos will be given a good ranking on any Google Search.  This is particularly true of specific ‘video’ searches done on Google. As well as this, because of the keyword aware text used in the Title, Description & Tags - YouTube videos can also appear on Google ‘web’ searches. So, YouTube Videos can appear in both of the world’s two biggest search engines, Google and YouTube.  This is a major advantage offered by utilising marketing videos online, as it maximises the potential reach of your marketing and promotional content.

Video is ‘Fresh’ Content

Another factor that assists with improved search engine ranking for your company website is the creation of regular fresh content. Search Engines prioritise websites that have fresh content. (this makes sense as some websites may still be online but be years old and out of date – fresh content tells the search engines that the website is still active and therefore relevant).  ‘Video content’ is included in the Search Engine Algorithm as part of assessing a website value for search ranking by the search engines.

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